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What is Story Time With Grandma Joy?
Story Time With Grandma Joy are live, interactive, real-time read alouds. Social media platforms such as YouTube and Livestreams allow children to watch and listen to stories.  Grandma Joy’s read aloud give children the opportunity to watch, listen, speak, see, participate and be engaged. Children have a deeper level of comprehension and a better enjoyment of reading.

What are Digital Reading Tours?
Digital Reading Tours are places where Grandma Joy has toured based on a selected book she has chosen to read or is reading during the read aloud.  The tour consist of videos and still pictures that enhance the read aloud and give insight to the topic or location.  The program is live, interactive and in real-time but the tour is recorded. Children find clues in the video that are used compliment the book. Children have a deeper level of comprehension and gain insight of the new location.


What are Virtual Educational e-Trips
Virtual Educational e-Trips are videoconferencing trips, also known as virtual trips.  It is a part of Travel With Joy Grandma Joy takes you on a virtual trip so you and your child can have the opportunity to see and speak directly with guest.  Children articulate more intelligently because of the awareness and insight gained from the read aloud and digital tours.  Knowledge and comprehension become sealed when children actively participate after realizing that the guest can see them.

Do children have access to online information, games and activities? 

You have access to video replays, online games and activities through Grandma Joy’s Reading Adventure Club.  Each month you will receive an email or text message to let you know that new content is available for you.

What places are you currently traveling to?

The places visited takes place every month and are through-out the United States. It is important to know that these places are based on the books that are read. We will read books based on food, historical places, dinosaurs, science, holidays, insects, animals, sports and much more.

Do you have to be a part of social media to participate in Travel With Joy events and subscriptions?

 No, our live events and subscriptions are private and is not on a social media platform.  We do however, use social media as a platform for promotion.


What is the recommended age for children subscribing to Travel With Joy?

Travel with Joy story time, reading tours and e-trips are considered to be a family time for children and adults where both are engaged. We recommend families with children ranging from the age of 4 to 10 years old. 

What must I do to participate in Travel With Joy events and e-Trips?

First, to participate you must have access to the internet, and a computer desktop or laptop with speakers and camera capabilities.  You can also use a tablet, iPad or smartphone.

Second, sign up at to access the video replay and coloring sheet. You’ll receive an email on instructions of how to connect with us for Story Time With Grandma Joy Read Alouds, Digital Reading Tours and Virtual Educational e-Trips.

Third, be on time or 10 minutes early if you need help in connecting with us. All events start on time and are in real-time.

If you like Story Time With Grandma Joy, we’ll send you offers for our upcoming Digital Reading Tours and Virtual Educational e-Trip

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