Tickets Ready! Let's Go To Ghana!

30 minutes

Next Trip is 12.18.20

Tickets Ready! Let’s Go!  is the initial preparation for take off as we head to Ghana, West Africa. Through a simulated virtual airline experience, the flight attendant will board you on a virtual flight while learning about the home of most African people in the United States and other countries. Topics covered: Geography, History, Culture – Learning Activity Packet and Boarding Pass included. 

Audience: Pre-K to 8th Grade

Miss Debbie's Backyard Chickens

30 – 55 minutes

Did you know that some chickens lay blue eggs?  Travel with us on a LIVE INTERACTIVE adventure to learn about Miss Debbie’s chickens. You have the opportunity to ask Miss Debbie questions at each station.  Topics covered: Science,  – Learning Activity Packet and Admission ticket included. 

Audience: Pre-K to 8th Grade